Monday, March 27, 2017

Spanish BOM's, the cookie approach, two almost amazing investigators, Conference

March 27, 2017

Hola amigos y amigas y familia. Era una muy buena semana en Longview. Vi el sol dos veces! Una cosa divertida: accidentally la zona ordenado todos los libros por la mes en español, así tenemos muchos libros en español pero muy pocos en inglés! Así ahora busco todo el tiempo por latinos!! Jajajaj

So yeh besides the fact that we have like zero copies of the Book of Mormon in English haha life is really good. Something we tried this week that I have not done in forever is the cookie approach. Despite our underwhelming reception with the pies we tried approaching our tougher to reach Less-Actives and investigators with freshly baked [and possibly over baked] chocolate chip cookies  . Wow - it was beyond successful haha. every single person wanted to see us and asked us to come back! Mind you none of them had tasted the cookies at that point and one investigator did get really sick the next day... but yeah good stuff.

This week we also found a really solid investigator that ended up not being that. We were walking out of a lesson with a member and saw a lady half way down the street picking up some of her kids toys. We called out to her and asked if she wanted a Book of Mormon and she said that she had one. So we walked down there and asked if she read it and she said all the time. We asked if she wanted to come to church and take the missionary discussions. She said that would be great. We came back for a lesson two days later and felt the spirit nice and strong so we committed her to be baptized.. and she accepted! Then finally we were brought back to earth when she asked if she really needed to be baptized again cause she was "baptized Mormon four years ago in St. Helens." So sad haha we thought we have found the most elect person in the world haha. But she did come to church in Sunday and bring her granddaughter with her!

We also had a cool experience while we were teaching a guy named Thomas (pretty classy name, I know) and at the end of the lesson we were like "There has been a wonderful spirit here tonight, if you could share this same message with anyone else you know who would it be?" And he was like "yeah this is awesome I would love to tell my neighbor Chris about it" and like literally at that exact moment Chris walks through the door and sits down in the couch and was like "what's up guys, what are we talking about" haha pretty sweet.

Love you all!  Listen to Conference.

Elder Paul Thomas

The Amazing Longview Zone

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