Monday, April 3, 2017

Best General Conference of My Life!!!!

April 3, 2017

General Conference
               😀😃😇😊😀😃😄😊😇   <-- If you don't know what all the smiley faces are for, then you must not have watched General Conference! In my humble 20 year old Opinion this was the best conference since my birth in 1996!

Below are some notes from the various talks
Gods answer will come in his time.
Never refer to it as "the Atonement" it is always "The Atonement of Jesus Christ" the atonement its self does not do much. But it is Jesus Christ upon which it was built that does anything.
Faith in Jesus Christ propels us to do things we otherwise would not do.
When you stretch beyond anything you have done before, then his power will flow into you.
God is determined to make more of us than we ever thought we could of ourselves.
Overcoming the world is not one moment in a lifetime, but rather a lifetime of moments that define eternity
Elder Ballard - vision
The key is knowing which destinations truly matter.
Short term goals are only meaningful if they lead to long term goals
The simpler and more straightforward the goal - the better
Our goal: Return and receive.
We are called to serve and labor. You are not called to a place
Called to serve comes before an area of labor
As you learn to love being worthy, you will become a great instrument in the hands of the Lord
You cannot rely just on your own talents as a priesthood holder
Would anyone ever use the words "ministering of angels" to describe my priesthood service?
God sees us at the end and he beginning. He sees Pres. Eyring praying before passing the sacrament at the same time as him speaking at conference.
God’s work and glory is not just to run an effective organization. It is to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life.
If you walk with the Savior long enough you will learn to see them the way the Lord does, and if you continue in that path you will learn to help them see that in themselves and then how to repent.
Pay close attention to the moments when our hearts burn within us.
Obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon.
A succession of small kept promises leads to integrity
When it is raining  ️ so much - look up - open your mouth - drink it.
Many things don't make sense until you add in the element of time.
Stick your foot in the door.. when prompted by the spirit. You've just always got to be ready.
Act on the first prompting
If you respond to the first prompting you will get it right 9 times out of 10.
The motivation to raise a warning voice is love. 1. Love of God and 2. Love of neighbor
We have in the restored gospel what people deep down really want.
And because of this love Jesus asked even more of him.
The question became "how can I be filled with more love to ..."
No teaching or learning can be done in frustration or anger. It must be met with an attitude of trust.
Love should never be withdrawn
Those who are hardest to love need love the most.
Because he loves us, the Lord expects much of us.
The key to teaching as the savior taught is to live as the savior lived

Below I have listed some links to my favorite talks and also a pretty dang sweet rendition of "How firm a foundation"
S. Mark Palmer
Ulisses Soares
Elder Rasband
How firm a foundation [You might need to scroll down to find it]

I have a strooong testimony that this church is true. In one of  the General Authority’s talk he mentioned how he worked hard for over a year to receive revelation about a very difficult question. Eventually he went to the temple with one question in mind - "Does God even care?" In the temple he received an unmistakable answer in the affirmative. I've been pondering a similar question recently and after Conference I can sustain Nephi's claim that "I know that he (God) loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." Knowing that God cares is the first of 42 principles in Preach My Gospel and the foundation of all other knowledge.

I am so grateful for this knowledge!

Much love,
Elder Paul Thomas

(mom note: Paul offered no captions for the pictures or movie)

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