Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patricks Day and Pie day all in one week!

March 20, 2017

St. Patricks Day and Pie day all in one week!

You know it has to be a good week with that title! 

Tuesday- Finally after being in the same mission with Elder Russell Brown for over 18 months, I finally got to go on exchanges with him. It was way fun to catch up and talk about old SHS memories and reminisce about Hectors together haha. It also happened to be on Pie day (3.14) so to celebrate we went to our Local Winco and bought two pies. The theory was that we would walk around knocking doors with our pies and when people saw that we had pies that they'd ask us about it and we could be like "oh yeah we're celebrating pie day, here you go, have a free pie!" The sad reality - and I promise I’m not exaggerating - is that after 2 Hours of knocking doors with our pies not a single person asked us what they were for. IDK maybe people in Washington just expect Mormon Missionaries to be exceptionally snack oriented and sugar driven. Whatever the case may be, we ended up getting pretty desperate to give away the pies. Here was the response of our last pie give away, "Is it ok if I take your pie but not the Book of Mormon?"  "Well the Book of Mormon is free..."  "yeah I’ll just take the pie thanks!" Hahaha  That's Washington in a nutshell.

Wednesday - We had a church tour with one of our new investigators, Gina. Definitely the best church tour I’ve ever been on. She walked into the church, saw the pic of Joseph Smith having the first vision and started crying.  She was like, "what the heck, I don't even know why I’m crying!" Then when we were concluding the tour in the chapel she started crying again. When she came to church on Sunday - cried again. 

Thursday was a nice day of getting lost in the boonies.  We realized that we had left the phone at home when we went to call in for directions. We also started trying to keep appointments to 30 minutes and that's been working really well.

Friday - Friday is my favorite day of the week, 17 is my favorite number, and St. Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays. So Friday was a really good day. We had planning time for most of it, but then we went to Heavenly Donuts and the worker there randomly gave us free donuts. Then we taught some great lessons and ended up at dinner with one of the best cooks in the ward. She made corned beef and cabbage with homemade soda bread and key lime pie for dessert. After dinner we had some more really good lessons. I just realize that I spent an entire paragraph talking about food…but then again I don't think it would be a great day, in my opinion, if food weren’t part of it!

Saturday and Sunday the good times continued to roll. I love serving a mission and I love being here in Longview.

The church is true!

Elder Paul Thomas

“As we study the scriptures, we notice that the Savior ministered to people according to their specific needs. …
“Jesus showed patience and love to all who came to Him seeking relief for their physical, emotional, or spiritual illnesses and who felt discouraged and downtrodden.
“To follow the Savior’s example, each one of us must look around and reach out to the sheep who are facing the same circumstances and lift them up and encourage them to proceed on the journey towards eternal life.”

—Ulisses Soares, “Feed My Sheep,” Ensign, Nov. 2005, 98
March 20, 2017

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