Monday, September 28, 2015

A full week!

September 28, 15


This is what happened this week:

1) We put a grandma and her granddaughter on date for baptism! It was so cool. Apparently the granddaughter (S… S…) had met with the missionaries before and taken all of the lessons. She knew that it was true but didn't want to be baptized until her grandma did. Her grandma (T… S…) has had a lot of experiences that led her to the LDS church, the most notable of which is when she died in a dental chair. Obviously she didn't go to my dad (DR. Allan Thomas DMD General and cosmetic dentistry 2545 Parley's Way open 8am to 5pm) so her dentist gave her too much gas and she died in the chair for a couple of minutes. She said that she saw herself bowing down before Jesus Christ and she never looked up but he kept on saying "take your family to church, take your family to church”. Well they searched all sorts of church but never the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Finally, 20 years later she married a member of the church and is interested in what makes our church different. When we told her that she could be sealed to her husband forever she said she would do anything to get to the temple. Awesome! Her health has been failing her lately, but as soon as she's healthy enough to get to church, she and her granddaughter will be baptized!

2) We got chased down by two pit bulls. My companion was way nervous and ran behind the car. I was honestly too concerned about dropping my ipad that I didn't even move lol. Luckily it only barked at me and pawed at the ground until the owner came running out of the house and put a chain around its neck.

3) We tracted into a new investigator (j…). On the first lesson I asked her if she would be baptized if she came to know that the church was true, she was like "well yeah of course!" ha she seems pretty golden.

4) 4) We had a modern day scenario of Adam and Eve in our district
meeting. Here is it: We got to district meeting and all of the
Hermanas were talking about how they had downloaded ios 9 on their
APPLE ipads. Technically it was ok to download, but most people were
waiting for the go ahead from the technology coordinator. Well after
the Hermanas partook, ios 9 looked even more appetizing, so we all
downloaded the software after the meeting. Everyone else's ipad
functioned great and had some cool new features. Elder Thomas's ipad
however crashed and looked like it lost all of its pictures and
memory, etc. Finally after 12 hours, prayers, and a lot of phone calls
(trials and tribulations) the ipad was restored to the celestial
kingdom.    ...ok maybe that analogy was a bit of a stretch, but i had
to include some sort of gospel principle in my letter!

I hope you all have a great week and can find someone you can share a spiritual principle with!

~Elder Thomas

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