Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Cliff Notes by Elder Thomas

by popluar (my mom and dad's) request i've been asked to say what I do in a day or week, so here it is: 
6:30 wake up and try to exercise
7:00 shower and get ready for day
7:30 eat breakfast (wheaties and honey nut cherrios)
8:00 personal study
9:00 comp study
10:00 train my companion ...and myself
11:00 lunch
12-5 spend three hours tracting and two hours visiting less actives and potential investigators.
5:00 eat dinner with members
6-9 go to appointments with members that hopfully we have set up during the week
9:00 daily planning
9:30 get ready for bed
10:30 sleep.

here are some things that happened this week; i found a slug sliming its way down the wall of my bedroom when i woke up. we ran out of gas on sunday so we had to walk everywhere haha yeah that one was all my fault. we had two district meetings because we forgot to tell the hermanas about the first one. we watched conference with members until we ran out of gas, then we just streamed it on our ipads in  our house. I got sick from a flu shot but that only lasted like two days, and apparently my first niece was born this last week! Below i'll just include my notes from conference and rumors i need to get to the bottom of;

Rumors: can anyone confirm or deny any of thses rumors?
1) Tayllor swift is engaged
2) Utah has a good football team
3) Donald trump is running for president
4) Hope is actually dating a guy
If there is serious evidence for any of these please let me know!

here are some notes i took during conference:
- Living the gospel doesn't need to be complicated.
- Resentment damages your progress. You can let this go.
- We all must be willing to ask, what lack I yet? 
- Ponder before you pray.
- Ask to see your strengths.
- Self control is like a muscle.
- If you never borrow money you'll never risk bankruptcy 
- Knowledge does away with suspense fear and doubt.
- Darkness cannot exist where knowledge is.
- Prayerfully select mentors.
- If you want advice, be prepared to take it
- The savior lifts, carries, and delivers us to places we could not get to without his help.
- We choose how we let doubt influence us.
- The more we persist, the brighter light becomes
- Humble yourself before the lord and he will lift you up.
- To obey is better than to sacrifice.
- Faith grows by choice, not by chance.
- The lord more than matches us our willingness to act in faith.
- Do not procrastinate or give up.
- Daniel could have avoided ridicule, he could have been popular. He would have been totally fine       ...until the king demanded an interpretation of his dream.
- Wanting to Believe is the first stem. It requires humility, an open heart and an open mind. It requires an experiment and most difficult, it requires patience on the Lords time.
- Be not afraid, only believe.
- The lord will qualify him who he calls.
- The lord has called you because of what he needs to do through you. He can only do that if you do things his way.
- True disciples are not looking to make excuses for the doctrine
- Pay fast offering 
- Only through the Holy Ghost can we see people and events as God sees them

hope you all have a great week and choose one scripture to ponderize

 Watching General Conference

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