Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking Things Up a Notch

September 21, 2015

So as the title indicates this week things were kind of intense. First of all I got a new companion, Elder Davenport. He's a huge stud. He's from Layton Utah, he's a huge skier, he's 18 years old and he already has his associates degree! We get along really well and we even convinced each other to exercise one day this week ha.

Having transfers also means having transfer meeting, so we all had the opportunity to enjoy that. In transfer meeting President Taylor talked about baptism, and why it is so important. When Jesus visits the Americas in 3rd Nephi 11, the first thing he preaches to the people is baptism. In that first chapter he talks about how baptism is his doctrine like 7 times. Making and keeping covenants with God is not only good and a way for him to bless you - it is absolutely necessary. Without making covenants we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. That's another special thing about our faith; we are held accountable by covenants. A lot of other faiths preach good things like we do, but we are held accountable to act in the way that we are taught.

So another way this week was intense was that I had to learn a lot of things I relied on my trainer for. This week I...
1) relearned how to drive a car
2) learned how to count key indicators ...and learned what key indicators were.
3) learned that no matter what the ward boundaries say, some areas should be out of bounds after dark.
4) learned that you should poke some holes in a potato before you put it in a microwave.

This week is also titled "taking things up a notch" because the dreaded event has happened. My belt loop hole of preference has changed and not in a good way. Despite my fasting almost every week and 10 push-ups in the morning, the food has got to me arghh. Apparently the average weight gain in the mission is 30 pounds (I'm a third of the way there) but one elder 3 months ago shattered the record with a gain of 144 pounds! 

I pray that you all have a great week and enjoy your skinny skinny bodies!

~Elder Thomas

Elder Davenport and Elder Thomas

(Above is a pic of me with Russell Brown, a friend from Skyline)

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