Monday, September 14, 2015

The Blind Leading the Blind

September 14, 15

Hey fellas! it has been another crazy week here in Longview. To start off, we had a lot of appointments that fell through. three straight days with a total of 18 set lessons and only three of those eighteen were able to meet. So in other words we spent a lot of time knocking doors. On one of those days we had a cool experience finding a Russian family that's interested so I’m hopeful about them.

We also had an interesting experience on Saturday. We were having dinner with a member and her recent convert husband. It was a really good pot-roast and to top off the meal they brought out some fancy gelato. It looked like vanilla with chocolate so after we were all served up I started digging in. Well it tasted really gross so I asked to see the carton to see what kind it was. It turned out to be vanilla and coffee!  oh man. So my comp and I stopped eating it and the recent convert stopped too cause we stopped, but the member was insistent that we finish it cause there was "no possible way that there could be coffee in ice cream" haha we didn't end up eating it, but it was super awkward for the rest of the night!

I don't remember how much I have said about my ward here in Lake Sacajawea, but it is the best. Everyone is so involved in convert retention and less active work. On Sunday all the ward leadership i.e. the bishopric, primary presidency, young women presidency, ward mission leader, etc got together after church and had a potluck. Then members from the stake presidency and high council came and we got into groups of like 3-4. Then those groups visited like pretty much every promising less-active and recent convert in the ward boundaries. Yeah, my ward rocks.

Also this week was pretty crazy cause we got transfer letters. But let me back up before we get into that. Two weeks ago we had our interviews with the mission president. President Taylor said not to get too attached to my trainer since he would probably be opening up a zone in Vancouver. Then he said "I’m not going to make you train, but get ready because you might be swimming in some deep water soon". Well Saturday I got my letter and It said I'm going to be the senior companion and training a new Elder! haha WHAT?!? I hardly know how to use the area-book app. I’m pretty stoked though. I know, just like Nephi, that I can do whatever the Lord has commanded me.

I don't meet my trainee until Wednesday so I'll send those pics next week. Also we went on a hike today, so I’m sorry if I don't get to respond to everyone's emails. I hope you all have a great week!


~Elder Thomas

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