Monday, January 2, 2017

Miracle of the Yellow House with the long porch

January 2, 2017

Hey Fam!
Life is soooo good out here in the wonderful city of Vancouver. It's also cold. Thanks so much for the birthday emails from everyone! I know I said the same thing last year but that really was the highlight of my Birthday. In addition to my birthday we had a lot of other really cool things happen this week:

Tuesday - We found an apartment complex behind a grocery outlet that turned out to be a gold mine! I also woke up that morning feeling like we would find a new investigator at a yellow house with a long porch. We had like 30 min before a lesson so I started driving around looking for yellow houses with long porches. Finally we found one so we pulled over and talked to the guy in front. He wasn't interested so we decided to just keep walking down the street. Lo and behold another yellow house with a long porch! We knocked at it and the woman turned out to be suuuper interested and said she would sit down right there and read the Book of Mormon!

Wednesday - Nice day braving the cold

Thursday - One of the coolest experiences of my mission so far. We were back in the apartment complex behind the grocery outlet and had like 30 min before dinner so we started going ham looking for a family of 4 (our goal for the day) and could not get in with anyone. Finally we knocked on a door at like 4:59 and started talking to an atheist teenager named Trinity. She was nice but not interested, and all we had in our hands were Russian and Spanish pamphlets so we gave her a card with our number on it and left. As we were driving out of the complex we got a call from Trinity's sister saying that she heard our convo with her sister and was actually pretty interested, so we set up at lesson for 7 that day. They totally cleaned up the whole house for us and had chairs set up and already had questions when we came over! Not to mention that 3 sisters and their mom all sat in on the lesson (Family of 4). Then at the end of the lesson, the three sisters all prayed for the first time in like years! Crazy!

Friday - Met with the sisters again and found a great fellow-shipper for them. One of the sisters brought her boyfriend to listen, who was also really open.

Saturday - Met with the sisters again, then spent the last hours of the night weekly planning. No crazy festivities

Sunday - Trinity, who three days earlier didn't believe in God or want a Russian restoration pamphlet, came to church for the first time ever! [Sisters were still sleeping from the New Years party]

The church is TRUE. Faith is the foundation of all things, including happiness. Joseph Smith said: "Doubt and fear cannot reside at the same time in the mind of man alongside faith. - One or the other will leave" Believe the gospel will make you happy and it will. Believe God will answer your questions and he will!

P.s. Fun fact: we didn't have dinners this week, so except for Sunday we had cheeseburgers every night! [sorry mom]

I seriously love all you guys - a lot. Have a happy new year!

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