Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The highlights of Christmas week

December 26, 2016

Hey Fam and Friends!
It has been a dang good week this past week! Here are the highlights 
  1. On Christmas Eve my comp and I were late for caroling at Winco and so I said a quick prayer that the traffic would clear, and then we ended up hitting only Green lights for the entire way from our apartment which never happens! 14 Green lights in a row!
  2. I also went on splits with Oscar, a return missionary who served in the Las Vegas mission. For the entire split he was talking about the power of belief and not doubting. We tried it and got 4x as many people to church as usual! (This isn't too impressive, seeing as the usual is 1, but it sounded pretty good when I wrote it)
  3. We had a baptism on Christmas Eve!! Like 4 weeks ago Elder Fouts and I fasted to baptize on Christmas Eve. Then we put like 70 people on date for that day and it didn't work out for anyone. I seriously thought we had failed, then we got a call from Elder Flynn in Astoria. He said someone we taught 2 months ago was getting baptized on Christmas Eve, so he Invited me back for it! When Elder Flynn and I taught Damon (the man who got baptized), his mom was against it and we were in a time crunch because Damon was leaving for boot camp. When he got back from boot camp his mom's heart was softened and he still wanted to be baptized,
  4. Christmas Eve we went caroling at Winco and had a blast! The whole zone was there and we convinced some random pedestrians to sing along with us. We also caroled later that night at a senior living center.
  5. On Christmas we had a really great church service and Rhodes cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Later in the day FaceTime with the Fam was ok too. Jk jk it was so good to see everybody!
  6. Christmas night we had dinner with the Bowers, which was really fun and honestly just felt a ton like I was home! Then it turned out he Bower's were in cahoots with mi madre because they turned out all the lights after dinner and brought in a birthday cake and sang and somehow had all my birthday presents from home! Haha props to mom, I have no idea how she pulled that one off but it was fun!

The church is true folks! Jesus really was born. Obviously we know that from historical records. The really cool part is who Jesus actually was (is). He in fact changed the entire world influencing people to dramatically change their lives even 2016 years after his birth. Honestly the first step is always just to believe in him. I mean if little kids have such great belief in a jolly old being who may or may not exist - and that belief brings them gifts on Christmas - Then how much more will we receive wonderful gifts day after day for believing in someone that we know does exist! The church is true!

Love Elder Thomas

My gifts on Christmas! Jk jk they're for the whole apartment
 Damon's baptism
A cool bridge in Oregon

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