Monday, January 30, 2017

Big Changes

January 30, 2017

Big Changes
So probably the entire world, or at least the Mormon world, is aware that the daily schedule and key indicators have changes significantly this past week. 

Thoughts on it?
-I really like it. The benefits include more time to unwind for bed and more time to get going in the morning, which also means more time for exercise :) I feel like this way is a lot more tailored to how life will be like after we all return home which is one of the reasons they gave for the change. 

-Things that are tough about the change? Lunch is 30 min, that’s a killer. Also sometimes it is hard to find a time to schedule comp study during the day. But all in all its some pretty dang good stuff.

Cool things from this week: We met with Patricia, the miracle story from the hospital a while ago. She is sooo cool. S/O to the Pats of the world. She raised racing pigeons for years and made tons of money racing them. She also used to be a gymnast, then a judge for gymnastics in the world games, then a coach for years and started he gymnastics program for high schoolers across a lot of the Northwest. She also used to be a fencer and was a track coach and a swimming coach and a basketball coach. She was telling us about a 1-armed push-up competition she had with her dad (she did 20 in a row) and when we asked her her technique, she got down on the ground to do one!! If i did not mention already this girl is 90 years old! Once a week she holds a free stained glass windows class to teach her neighbors how to make stained glass windows, which she does from her garage. She never gets pedicures or pays for a housekeeper because she saves all the money she would have spent and donates it to charity! Her life is pretty great. Any suggestions on how to help her see why she should try coming to our church?

This week we had the road cast from SLC about the missionary change, and the next day two reps from SLC came out to train us. It was so good. Usually we schedule our day, then make plans four our investigators, then set goals according to how much stuff we already have set. They showed us that we are doing the whole process backwards. First have a vision, then set goals to achieve it, then make plans to make those goals a reality!

We're rebuilding our teaching pool RN, so like Claire Christensen says, I'm excited to meet some new friends haha. Finding is the funnest thing ever. If you have a bad attitude its not too fun, but its where you get all your good stories and it's pretty cool to see people encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time!

Love ya guys! Write down a goal today and set a plan to make it happen!

It's good to note the mission hasn't changed my taste buds

Laminating in a suit...welcome to the mission field

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