Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rain and more rain and transfers!

February 6, 2017

Life is good as always here in the great state of Washington. If I could sum up the week in one word it would be rain. Description: has literally rained almost all day everyday for the past seven days! All I can say is thank goodness I am in a car area haha.

Probably the coolest miracle of the week was our lesson with Mike and Madison and their whole family. We had stopped by ever week for a month and a half but they were always busy with something and never really let us into their house. Finally last week we kind of just walked into their house and sat down haha. They were kind of shocked but quickly recovered and they had like a 45-minute conversation with us about the restoration. The spirit was sooo strong. Then we offered to give Madison a priesthood blessing for her depression. She accepted and cried throughout the blessing. You could tell the family felt something that day they had not felt in a looong, long time - if ever. Mind you, these are not exceptionally wealthy people but when we stopped by this week for our lesson, they had all gone to Burlington and bought church clothes!! Then when we sat down for our lesson, the entire family was wearing their little polka dot suits and such! So cool!!

We got transfer news this past Saturday night. I will be going back up to my first city - Longview, but I'll be in the Mint Valley ward. I've got no doubt it'll be awesome. I'm also gonna miss McLoughlin for sure. McLoughlin has some of the strongest members I have met in my entire life, and some of the most charitable people. 

"It is your decisions Harry that determine who you really are, far more than your abilities" 
~Albus Dumbledore

Enjoy the sunshine!


Elder Paul Thomas

Pic back from the day  (mom note: I sent this picture to Paul on his birthday.  He added the words and sent it back with today's post.  First day of Deacon duties) 

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