Monday, October 12, 2015

A Really Good Week

October 11, 15

This has been a really good week, I'm still on a buzz from conference
and I watch at least one talk every morning while I eat my cereal
(yes, without my angel mother i can't eat waffles every morning for
breakfast anymore). Mostly we've been cleaning out potential
investigators and less-actives from our area book, but we've done a
good chunk of tracting as well.

By far the best day this week was Thursday. It was my companions
birthday, so he got a ton of food sent from home, and we also went on
exchanges with the assistants to the president. To be honest i
couldn't tell you what made it so good - we were just doing ordinary
missionary work, but for some reason that day was one for the books.
We also had dinner with ma' girls again that same day except it wasn't
only the widows. We went to a mexican restaurant and took up like the
whole fiesta room. It was my companion and I, the AP's, two other
Elders from Mint Valley, the three widows,  like 10 members from the
Lake Sacajawea ward and another 10 from the Mint Valley ward! PARTY!
To end off the night the AP's bought Elder Davenport and I shakes for
Elder Davenport's birthday. That was definitely one of the best days
of the mission.

Saturday we also had a cool miracle. I felt like we should go visit
President Pond's house. He's the president of the Portland temple, so
he spends most of his time in a house down there, but his old regular
house is in our area. It was a weird prompting because he almost
assuredly would be in Portland at this time of day. well.... he wasn't
there. whatever. But as we were walking back to the car we met a 16
year old kid named angelo. He wasn't extremely interested, but we told
him about the plan of salvation and gave him a book of mormon. lo and
behold he read the book of mormon and was so fascinated by it that he
rode his bike to church the next day! After church we asked him when
we would see him again and he was like "umm i'm kinda busy this week,
i think we'll have to wait until church next week" Sweet!

Another cool miracle was Sunday night at like 8:30. We were visiting
all the less-actives on a pretty ghetto street. This one girl (sally)
was listed in our ipads but only the apartment address, not the apartment
number. Like i said, it was 8:30 and we really didn't want to knock
all these doors so late. So we folded our arms and said a prayer to
know which house was hers. Literally we hadn't even unfolded our arms
from our prayer before Sally walked out of her house to have a smoke.

Today we spent all day driving to and hiking the Ape caves by Mount
St. Helens. They are these really long underground caves carved by the
lava flow of the volcano. I would attach pictures of it, but it was
pretty dark in there ha. It also took all day so i have zero email
time, so i'm sorry i couldn't write anyone back.

We get transfer letters this week, so pray for me - anywhere but
Portland!! haha jk that's just what most of the Elders say.

Hope you all have a great week!!

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