Monday, October 19, 2015

Everything between frozen fish and the weather has turned

October 19, 15

Hey All, one more week in the books! We actually ran every day this
week, even one day when I lost my running shoes for a day, we pressed
on in flip flops. ha also the weather turned this week. I have been
told not to expect the sun or short sleeves until June.

As far as the work, this week was pretty productive. The day after my
comp and I paid our fast offering we got two new investigators. Their
names are Berry and Walter. Berry's wife just died and we told him
about the plan of salvation, and Walter is a former investigator who
kind of fell off of the map but when we found him he was pretty
excited about the Book of Mormon and gave us a frozen fish.

Unfortunately Angelo didn't make it to church but B***** did
which was awesome. B's wife is a recent convert who is kind of
less-active already and so we go over to teach her about once a week
and B**** sits in on all the lessons to support her but keeps
telling us that he is and always will be "just spiritual." He seemed
to really enjoy church though and I really hope he could feel the

We also got the M***** to church this week, which was awesome. I realize
I haven't really told you guys much about anyone we’re teaching, but
that hour at church was the culmination of like 3 months of praying
and persuading. They are a less active family whose son was killed in
a drunk driving accident by another member’s drunk son. Needless to say
there were a lot of issues to address, but through the workings of the
spirit they have become able to put it all behind them.

We also asked had a sit down appointment with the bishop asking what
we could do for the ward, he said we could give a talk in a couple of
weeks. ...dang we shouldn't have asked! I also lied last time,
transfer letters actually come THIS week!

Quick S/O to my alma mater Skyline who either just played or is about
to play Olympus for "the Rock"
S/O to Jake Andersen who has a birthday on Saturday
S/O to Sam Demill who got his mission call to Mexico
S/O to stake centers for having volleyball courts
S/O to my district for winning the zone Olympics

Take great care of yourselves,

~Elder Thomas

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