Monday, June 6, 2016

Moving out to the coast!

June 6, 2016

Hola from Astoria!

Life has been good this past week. Elder Petitta and I found a few
more really solid people to teach and left the area in pretty good
shape. Then we had transfers and after two days and hours of driving,
Elder Winn and I moved in to Astoria.

Probably the biggest downside to serving in Astoria is that everything
is so dang far away. We have district Pdays instead of Zone Pdays
because we are so spread out. Luckily my district is on the coast so
we can go to the beach. Also, the weather is great here. It stays
around mid 70's with a slight breeze coming off the delta. It feels a
lot like San Diego.

Sorry I don't have time to email anyone today, we spent the whole day
playing soccer on Canon beach. I, of course, took a picture reenacting
Mom and Dad 30ish years ago.

The best part of the week was probably church. We had a lot of
tourists visiting during their vacation so church was packed. A major
theme of the meeting was gratitude. My invitation this week is, try
saying as many prayers of gratitude as you do prayers asking for blessings. I
promise this week will be different if you try it for 7 days!

Love you all!

Elder Thomas

Sunset in Astoria

My dad proposed to my mom on Cannon Beach in front of Haystack Rock 30 years ago.

Saying good-bye in Vancouver

A look out at the sea from Astoria

Saying more good-byes in Vancouver with Elder Petita 

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