Monday, June 13, 2016

Heavenly Father has profound love for His children!

June 13, 2016

This has been an incredible week. Sooo many miracles. But I'll just go
in chronological order through the week.

Monday - We had a great Pday and met with one of our part member
families. Apparently the wife is less-active and doesn't say much
about her faith to missionaries. But for some reason she opened up a
ton and told us all of her concerns about coming back to church and said
that she really wanted to. Then her husband who is not a member spoke
up and he was like "excuse me... I found a sticky note somewhere that
said Moroni 10: 3-5. What does that mean?" We were very happy to tell

Tuesday - We had exchanges. It was a ton of fun and we broke a record
in that area for the most Book of Mormons given out in a day. The only
downside was that we had an hour and a half of moving hay bales for
service and I didn't know we were doing that so I didn't bring service cloths and
ended up moving the hay in my church shoes. It also turns out I'm
mildly allergic to hay… haha

Thursday - We were visiting a few people and ran into a lady power-washing her porch in the middle of the pouring rain. She was super
embarrassed but took our number and a book of Mormon. She didn't seem
interested at all, but later that night we got like 30 texts from her.
It turned out she was having a really terrible day and took us showing
up as a sign from God. She asked where to read in the book of
Mormon. She asked if she could highlight verses she liked. She asked
if she would be allowed to come to church at 9am even though she gets
off of work at 3:30 am in the morning. She asked how she could know
if the church is true, and asked to be baptized if she found out it
was true.

Friday - We had a church tour with Jackie (the new investigator) and
she absolutely loved it! She said it all made perfect sense to her and
she wished she had heard of this sooner. The church tour ended in the
Chapel where she bore and incredible testimony of her love of God and
then we put her on date for baptism for June 25th.

Sunday - Jackie came to church! she loved it.. even on four and a half
hours of sleep. She took more notes than anyone I have ever seen! She
started rereading the hymns after Sacrament meeting and asked the
speakers for their notes on their talks! It was pretty incredible.
Also on Sunday we had a lesson with Kevin (investigator) and Kara
(less-active). They had some pretty big issues that came to light
that day, which had made them really distraught. After they explained
the whole situation, I really had no idea what to say. But God does
not do random. Unbeknownst to us, the member we brought with us had
had the exact same problem 30 years earlier and knew exactly what counsel
to give to them.

This week has made me think, yet again, of the profound love that
Heavenly Father has for his children.  Such great love that in the
midst of all the great and important things He is doing, he has time
to make sure an experienced member and distraught power washer
are exactly where they need to be.

I love this God we worship!

~Elder Thomas

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