Monday, June 27, 2016

I am so blessed to be a missionary

June 27, 2016


It has been another good week in the WVM. Mostly it has been a big
testimony builder for me. Notable things include:

- Exchanges on Tuesday. Until I become more persuasive with Elder
Winn, I can only run on exchanges haha. So Elder Kendall and I ran to
the Top of the Astoria column, which was really cool

- We have had some good lessons with Devon. Devon's (18 years old) is
one of the coolest recent converts I've worked with on my mission. He
recently told us he wants to go on a mission, so we've been taking him
to lessons with us and reviewing Preach My Gospel with him. His mom is
against the church but He's so solid. He said now when he gets
frustrated about something he'll just throw on a conference talk until
he calms down

- I went on exchanges with Elder Smith (my Mtc comp) and there's a
tennis court right by our house so we got up early and played for an
hour in the morning!

- Two of our investigators are trying to quit smoking, so we decided
to give up a vice with them. I choose blizzards from DQ and it's been
harder than I expected!

- On Sunday we had a day of driving to different interviews, so we got
to see a lot of missionaries and different wards being conducted. I'm
not exactly sure why I thought it was so cool, but it made me think
that if there are this many people worshiping God in the same way in
just this small stretch of Oregon and Washington, think of how many
there are all around the world! And then think of Utah!!

I am so blessed to be a missionary. I am blessed to serve in this
mission and with President Taylor as my Mission President. If you have
room in your prayers, please pray for him, the Lambert family, and
President Mcteer coming in on Wednesday.

Love all you guys!

~Elder Paul Thomas

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