Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Malo a lelei!

March 28, 2016

Malo a lelei!

I asked my companion what we did this week and this is what he said;
“We put someone on date yo! We have been reactivating less-active
members like wild fire. We were sick but we still went hard when we
went out."

That's a pretty good summary of our week. The biggest obstacle was our
both getting sick. Literally like every missionary in the zone is sick
:(. But it's all good because we have been trying some "all-natural
Tongan remedies" and they've been…....kind of working ha.

I learned this week that one of our less-active's daughters threw
javelin for the University of Oregon. She told us some stories about
it and it made college track sound way fun....and hard!

We put our investigator Frank on date for baptism, which was very cool.
His daughter got baptized last year and is now like the most solid
member I have ever seen. She's working on her mission papers and is
hoping to get sent to, of course, Tonga.

Easter was really good, but to be honest it kind of felt like a
normal day. Probably my favorite part of the day was reading the account
in the gospels last night when I couldn't sleep. I don't know Jesus
perfectly, but I know him better after serving as a missionary and
this has just made me more grateful for him.

Oh also our shower got fixed so we don't have to go to another's
apartment to shower anymore :)

Stay well and enjoy Conference, I know I will!

~Elder Thomas

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