Monday, April 4, 2016


April 4, 2016

Well it seems that another week has passed. Another solid week.
Obviously the highlight of the week was General Conference. But
besides that we had some other cool activities.

We had a zone service project where we went down to the City Council
Building, got reflective vests and picked up trash on the side of the
road for a while. It was pretty fun except I'm quite sure most people
who saw us probably thought we were juvenile delinquents and not

I also had exchanges two days this week, which switched things up a bit.
To be honest, I was probably too sick to go out and work but we taught
some good lesson on exchanges so it was definitely worth it.

Last week we asked our investigator Frank to start reading the
Book of Mormon, when we went back this week he was already 10
chapters in! He's really solid and his daughter really wants him to be
baptized. The hardest thing with Frank is keeping him on track with
the lessons. For instance, last lesson we started talking about the
Tree of Life and ended the lesson with him telling us the dramatic story
of when he was in a street chase with the Japanese mafia!

Thoughts from conference:
- Listen carefully to testimony, speak testimony slowly. It is a time
when men are most lead by the spirit.
- 😀
- We all have in our own lives Saul-like individuals with Paul-like potential
- Nobody needs to be judged by the worst thing he has ever done.
- Tell God your action plan while you pray.
- The greater the difference between the giver and receiver, the more
the receiver has feelings of entitlement.
- 😀
- Mervyn Arnold talk --> missionary work
- Being born again comes through the spirit, by ordinances. -Joseph Smith
- We are not meant to feel the joy of baptism just once in our lives.
- Ordinances put spiritual power and purposes into our lives
- The priesthood I hold is the same power by which God created worlds
and exalts his obedient children
- Pray to learn how to pray for more power
- The enemy to charity is pride. Pride is selfish and easily provoked.
- Pride is the defining characteristic of Satan
- Mercy triumphs over judgment
- Pray to baptize families.
- Steps of faith = obedience.
- 😀
- Life is understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.

Favorite quote I heard this week:
Americans eat to live
Italians live to eat
Tongans eat to die

Thank you all so much for you support and prayers,

~Elder Thomas

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