Sunday, August 2, 2015

Observations from week one in the MTC

Hey faithful blog followers, aka my mom and dad and maybe my sisters if they're feeling generous. It has been a crazy week here at the MTC. It's seriously nothing like I would expect it to be. I realized almost immediately that i would have to get really sincere in my prayers if i was going to make it through. Seriously I feel like i spend half my day praying haha. But in praying harder and studying the gospel and trying to turn my heart over to God I've found myself happier than I've been in a long time. It also helps that it's unlimited food for every meal.

The past few days have been a blur, but here are some of the highlights: I got picked up from the curb by my amigo, Abraham Smith-Driggs on my first day. Even though i tried really hard not to act nervous, i was and it was really nice to talk with him and laugh. Infact i've seen a ton of people i know. the list includes Josh Coomans (in my district) Josh Garff, Brigham Jackson, Matt Kaelberer, Rachel langston, Parker Wagner, Jeff Farnsworth, Matthew Teynor, Rachel Sorensen, Hans Lehnardt, Aaron Knudson, and pretty much half of the Skyline seminary haha. But back to highlights, my companion is such a stud. His name is Elder smith and he's from centerville. He reminds me a lot of Adam webber. he played baseball for Viewmont, and he's also the district leader.  Sunday was pretty much the biggest highlight of my life. WE had a bunch of personal study time, which was not uncommon, but it just felt extra special on the sabbath. Then the first counselor of the MTC presidency conducted our zone's sacrament meeting and left us with a message about being representatives of Jesus christ that was awesome. Then we went to choir practice which is probably where i felt the spirit strongest all week. And after that we had our sunday night devotional. Elder Stephen Allen gave it and it was so neat. He had missionaries stand up if they said they had a really hard week. like everyone stood up. then he had everyone stand up if their faith was tested this week. pretty much everyone stood up. Then he had everyone stand up that was totally surprised by their mission call. Almost everyone stood up. It was just nice to see that everyone was having the same thoughts and feelings that I was.After that we watched a recording of Elder Bednar's talk about "the character of Christ" and it totally changed my perspective on who I want to be at the end of my mission.

 I've notice a couple of things while here at the MTC;
1) IT's a lot easier to get up when there is no snooze button. I mean it's by no means easy, but when you can't put a snooze on Chris brown waking you up, it's a little easier.
2) There are SO many missionaries going to Japan and Korea. Like seriously. How many missionaries do those tiny little islands really need??
3) Don't drink the orange juice. Enough said.
4) the MTC is what you make it. Lots of elders have decided that they hate it and they're just counting down the days until they leave. But if you have a positive attitude about it you can end up each day at least not in a frown. 
5) keep an eye on your dryer sheets. haha i just got up from the computer to change my laundry and someone had stolen my dryer sheets lol. 

This is all the time i've got but I hope you've all had a great week and I really appreciate all the letters! :)

Elder Paul Thomas
Washington, Vancouver Mission

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