Monday, August 17, 2015

First full week and an original title

Hey Fam and friends, 

One more week down! I'm starting to get into a rhythm and to accept the fact that I'll stop being tired in two years. Haha there's no doubt about it, missionary work is tough, but so is anything worth doing. We've also seen a lot of miracles this week and I want to share just a few with you.

Last Wednesday we were going to stop by a less active's house, but the street in front of their house was totally packed with cars so we had to park a street back. Well we got out of our car at the same time that this guy with a marijuana pipe came walking out of his house. Despite being scary looking, the guy invited us into his house. We went in and started talking to him.  It turned out that he and his wife used to be members but they were offended by someone in their ward in Texas. He said he knew it was time to come back to church. Then his wife came home. At first she was shocked to see us, then her eyes got really big and said that she had prayed that morning and said that she told Heavenly Father that she knew he wouldn't care if she left the church forever. Well we talked to them for a while and they agreed to come to church! Not only did they come, but they wanted to make a good impression on the ward so they brought a bag of vegetables from their garden and laid them out on a table in the middle of the hallway with a sign that said "free produce, enjoy!" Hahaha it made my day!

I'd say the funniest part of my week was one night when we were teaching with a member. We had a new investigator and we were teaching her about the Book of Mormon. The member was trying to make a point that God had carefully planned for the book to come forth through a prophet, so he was like "This is a very special book, it didn't just pop out of the ground or anything." hahah oh man he had to do some serious backtracking after that.

The thing that's surprised me the most so far is how much I love all the elders in my mission. Our whole zone gets along so well and we just want to hang out all the time. Seriously, like last p-day we studied the scriptures together then went grocery shopping together then emailed together then played basketball together. My friends in different zones say it's the same throughout the whole mission. President Taylor has built a very cool culture here.

I love all you guys, hope you all have a great week!

~Elder Thomas
This was our Friday Night
One must understand Paul's arachnophobia to appreciate this photo. 

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