Monday, August 10, 2015

First week in the field...notes

August 10, 15

Well, twelve days later here I am sitting in the Longview Stake
Center, on my iPad writing my first email from the field. But let's
back up a little bit. Since my last letter, we had a really awesome
devotional my last Sunday in the MTC. Sheri Dew came and talked to us
about wrestling with ourselves and wrestling with God. If there were no
struggle involved and we just got answers whenever we asked for them,
we wouldn't appreciate the truths that we learn. Also, I'm wondering
if Sheri and Lisa Adams are like best friends, because that wouldn't
surprise me at all haha.

          Well, two days later was the departure date. So we woke up
at 2:30 am and went to the travel office. From the travel office we
took a bus that took us to the front-runner, which took us to Trax,
which took us to the airport, where we flew to Portland. That was

already like the longest day ever, and it was only like 10 am! From
the airport we were driven to the mission office where we were oriented
and got our iPads and everything, and then we went straight out with the
Elders. My companion was Elder Peterson, whose first name is Christian
and he said that he knew hope from Highland. Small world haha.
Actually, he requested to go with me because he said he could tell I
was Hope's brother just by my smile. I was also recognized as Lauren
Thomas's cousin and Kristen Van Tiendren's cousin just by my smile and
name tag haha. I didn't know it was that distinct.

      Now is when I would tell you about the miracles we had tracking
this week, but my iPad malfunctioned this morning so I don't have as
much email time. So suffice it to say that I LOVE my mission president
and the culture they have in this mission. Really, I see president
Taylor being an apostle... A very bold apostle haha. I love you all,
see you next week!

P.s. I forgot my camera so I can only send pics I have on my iPad.

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  1. What a great nephew. Lauren will be thrilled that her smile was recognized in Paul's. High compliment. Please let him know we're proud of him!