Monday, November 9, 2015

A great week for finding investigators

Weekly Report

Well it was another good week here in the WVM. Actually as far as finding goes it was probably the best week I’ve seen so far. In these last seven days (including p-day) we were able to find 10 new investigators! I'm most psyched about a family of three that was in our potentials list. We decided to stop by one night to see if they were interested and S**** S**** (the dad) answered the door. We ended up having an hour long lesson on his doorstep in the pouring rain where we taught him the entire restoration and the entire gospel of Jesus Christ. It was pretty killer. That was on Monday, we had our next appointment on Saturday and that was an even better lesson. By Saturday, Scott's wife had read all of the literature we gave Scott and then some. ha at the end of the lesson the whole family was way psyched about the gospel and said "after years and years of searching, this is the only church that makes sense" Heck yeah! 

I can't remember if I talked about P**** last week, but she is an investigator from the last missionaries who is on date for baptism. ...and actually her date is really close, as in its on Saturday! ha we're pretty psyched about it. We actually don't have to do much for the baptism. The other Elders taught her so they're going to come back to baptize her and everything, all we had to do was get a baptism interview for her which she easily passed. 

it's a blast living where i am! Every evening my comp and i chill with the Portland ZLs and since we all live in Portland, we always have good stories to tell each other at the end of the day. 

One story from this week happened yesterday while driving back from an appointment. But before I start this story, I have to give some background info. About two and a half months ago I found a Tongan book of Mormon in my room. Since tracting gets kind of boring sometimes I decided I’d take the book of Mormon with me every time we went tracting in the hopes of running into a Tongan. Two and a half months later I hadn't run into a single Tongan... that is until Sunday! As we were driving home, we saw the license plate of the car in front of us said "Tongan Pride" on it.  i was like "Elder, we have to follow that car!!" So we followed it to a grocery store right next to where we live. Yes! shopping on Sunday, that means he's not a member. In an effort to be inconspicuous we decided to wait until after he got out of the store to give him the Book of Mormon.  We only had to wait for like two minutes for him to come out of the store again empty-handed. I almost killed myself getting out of the car to in intercept him, but I did and then....    Surprise he's a member! Aaaggggh! He felt bad about going to the store on Sunday so he didn't buy anything haha. Stay tuned, when I finally give away that Book of Mormon it'll be a crazy story!

Oh I saw the sun today! It was only for like 30 minutes, but I consider that noteworthy! Anyway I hope you guys have a great week!

~Elder Thomas

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