Tuesday, July 18, 2017

10 seconds later a dog appears out of nowhere

July 17, 2017

Hey Fam!
Great week here in Longview. 

  • Cool miracle this week: we were going to contact a potential that lives on kind of a busy street. We parked the car and were about to walk to the apartment. As I was getting out of the car the strangest Impression came to me. I felt prompted to just stand there - on this busy street - with my car door open. I'm not kidding, 10 seconds later a dog appears out of nowhere and jumps into our car. Obviously the owners come running after it. We start talking to the couple and learn that the husband is a less-active member and the wife is a non-member who works for an active family I knew in Astoria!

This transfer I have had a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon in a transfer and underline every reference to Jesus Christ. After 5 weeks I'm in the first chapter of Alma ...so yeah I'm going to fail. But as I was reading and underlining last week the thought came to me that "the Book of Mormon makes it easy to believe in the restoration." If your testimony is struggling, take the advice of President Monson and read the Book of Mormon! Abide by its precepts and pretty soon you'll feel as good as you ever have!

Have a great week!


Elder Paul Thomas

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