Monday, June 5, 2017

Trust your promptings and you'll see the Lord in action!

June 5, 2017

Really great week this week. We taught a lot of people and were super
busy. Idk if I mentioned this in an earlier email, but unfortunately
Alex who got baptized a couple of weeks ago has moved to Bellevue
Washington to get a better job. We were pretty bummed about it. The
cool thing though is that the sisters that are now teaching him called
us to get some more info and when they introduced themselves I
realized that one of them is the sibling of one of my previous
companions - Elder Sander-Smith. Small world!!

Another cool thing that happened also came from a phone call from a
missionary outside our mission. This one worked at a visitor center
and I guess makes calls about referrals too. She was calling us to
tell us about a referral we had received.  As she was calling we
learned that she herself was a convert of like two years. Then the
next day I saw Brianne - a recent convert of a ward adjacent to ours. We
talked to her for a little bit and she seemed pretty down. For
whatever reason that made me think of that visitor center missionary. 
I challenged the recent convert to give the visitor center
missionary a call and ask about her experience being a convert. Like
30 min later we checked back to see how the call went and Brianne was
crying and said that call had answered a big prayer she
had. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Trust your promptings and
you'll see the Lord in action!

Much love,

Elder Thomas

Hot dogs and s'mores for dinner

Bald eagle for dinner

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