Monday, August 22, 2016

A quick recap of the last two weeks!

August 22, 2016

Hey Fam,

It has been a really crazy past two weeks here in Astoria. To recap
really quick:

Two weeks ago a girl, Ashley, showed up at church and stayed for all
three hours and then stayed for choir practice right after. We talked
to her for a while and learned that she had come from a split
household. Her mom was Protestant and her dad was Mormon. Her mom's
one wish was that she not get baptized while they lived under the same
roof. So for 10 years Ashley has gone to church, set up chairs, and
received young women's medallions without ever getting baptized. Well it
just so happens that she recently moved down to Astoria and wants to
get baptized. We set a date for September 17th!

Three days ago we were knocking doors in a trailer park we didn't even
know was in our area when we found an incredibly solid investigator. Her name
is Yolonda and she by far had the nicest trailer. After talking to her
for a while we learned that she had met with missionaries in
California and loved it but never got baptized. About 5 minutes into
our conversation she said she is really open to being a member and
that she had even attended another area's ward three weeks ago because
her friend was going!

We had stake conference last week and it was the best one I've been to
during my mission so far. Elder Richard Hansen of the seventy came and
gave a great talk about covenants. He defined covenants as "The
memorialization of promises you have already made with God." I like
that because nobody becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ right as they
are baptized. They become a developing disciple beforehand and the
baptism is a promise to stay that way and continue in that path.

After conference, our ride home forgot us and took like 20 minutes to
answer their phone and then turn around to come get us hahaha don't
worry though we made it home with 1 minute to spare before our curfew.

(mom note: Paul’s letter ends right there. Make up your own stories to go with the pictures.)

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