Monday, July 18, 2016

"Driving" the work along!

July 18, 2016


This has been another great week. We had transfers and luckily Elder
Winn and I stayed together. I feel like I say this every week, but we
drove a ton this past week and we have another week of driving ahead
of us. To give you an insight into how much driving - just on transfer
day we put 280 miles on our van ha. We had to wake up at 5:30 to drive
to Longview, then from Longview to Vancouver, back to Longview, back
to Astoria, then because we had meetings the next day we got
permission to sleep in Vancouver, so once again we drove to Longview
and back down to Vancouver. We had about 3 hours total to proselyte
the entire day! Ha Then next week we have a temple trip down to
Portland and interviews with President McAteer. It'll be a drive, but
I'm really excited.

Highlights of the week –

* We had a handoff lesson where we picked up a new investigator, Sam.
He is high functioning autistic and probably the most humble and chill
guy I will meet ever. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, he came to
church, and he said he listens to the bible every day on his hour and
a half commute to work.

* As we were about to check out our groceries at the grocery store, a
woman came up to us and said she loved feeding the missionaries but
her husband would not let missionaries in their home. So she asked if
she could instead pay for our groceries. It was sooo nice of her and
really brightened up our day.

* Jackie had been reading up on Mormons online and read that we
couldn't drink caffeine. Jackie's favorite thing in this world next to
her dog is her rockstar energy drink. But she said she after she read
that, she had been trying to quite it entirely for the four days
before our lesson. Needless to say, she was very relived to hear that
caffeine is not against the Word of Wisdom!

* For the past six months we have had Spanish sisters in our ward
trying to start up a Spanish branch and they have had almost no
success. But this past week 3 of their investigators came to church!

* Our assistant ward mission leader who has been inactive for years
invited us over for dinner, asked us for a picture of the temple and
came to church on Sunday!

Favorite scripture of the week is pictured below.

Have a great week,

~Elder Paul Thomas

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