Monday, May 2, 2016

"Will you join me in prayer..."

May 2, 2016


Hey! This has been a great week. It has been mostly sunny which has
been a highlight.

We had stake conference this week, which was really good. Our recent
convert (Heather) of about 6 weeks gave the opening prayer. She was
nervous about it beforehand but as anticipated it turned out really
well. She went up to the pulpit said "will you join me in prayer?" And
proceeded to give a beautiful prayer.

The whole subject of stake conference was "the work of salvation." And
so our Mission President along with the Portland Temple President and
the Stake President all got up and spoke about how even though they
held separate keys for different types of labor, this is all
one great work. The Stake President's talk especially hit me. He said
that he spent countless sleepless nights being totally consumed with
thoughts of salvation and the need to hasten the work thereof. We are not
sure exactly how yet, but we are going to start using family history
as a main finding method and a means of reactivating members.

We met with Angie again this week, which was good. It seems like she
really connected with the member we brought with us.

Besides that it was a pretty average week. I had made a deal with a
companionship last Sunday that if they talked to 10x as many people
this week as the week before, I would do 300 burpees. I felt
pretty safe. Well, lo and behold, they actually did it! Ha but I didn't
want to give them the satisfaction of watching me suffer in person, so
I have just been periodically doing them throughout the day today,
hence the video of one set of burpees I recorded in time-lapse.

Talk to y'all on Mother's Day!


Elder P. Thomas

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