Monday, January 11, 2016

feifai (happy)

January 11, 2016

Hey family! This has been a really great week. It's been good for a
couple of reasons:

1. We were finally able to meet with Scott and his family. They are
just as solid as they were the first time we went over. They made us
lunch and when it was time for the lesson they brought out their
notebooks and took notes on the lesson!

2. We had a LOT of people come to church. Our chapel is pretty small
and doesn't have an overflow, so it felt like we had even more there
haha. We even had a less-active guy show up with two random kids 
he knows who apparently are really open to hearing the gospel.

3. We got like 6 media referrals this week. Most of them weren't home,
but one turned out to be a really solid Marshallese family. The dad is
a member already and his wife wants to get baptized, all they need is
to get married first.

4. We had two days of sun.

5. We scheduled a baptism this Saturday for Surona! There were going
to be some conflicts with the font because we had a child of record
baptism on he same day, but we worked it out with the family and it's
going to be awesome.

6. We ran out of milk in our apartment so we had Martinellis and
granola bars for breakfast every morning.

7. We had breakfast with the stake President, President Craft. We
couldn't have a better Stake President. He's really enthusiastic about
the work and told us we could call him anytime with any concerns that
we have.

This past week our mission President had a heart attack and is having
triple bypass surgery tomorrow morning, so if you remember, please
keep President Taylor in your prayers!

S/O to dad and Hope who both had birthdays this past week!  22years
old and less than <60🎉

S/O to Lauren Thomas for sending me some much needed and even
unsolicited earmuffs ha

Have a great week!

Elder Thomas

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