Monday, December 14, 2015

Rain, rain, go away....PLEASE!

December 14, 2015

Hola familia y amigos!

It's been a good week here in Portland except for the rain. Ha it has rained for at least two weeks without ceasing and it has started to drive me crazy. But we had transfers this week and that was pretty good. My new comp is Elder Andrew and he's a stud. He's without a doubt the most musically talented guy I have ever met. He learned the guitar in a matter of months without a teacher and without a book and now he can play/sing any song he's even heard once. When he's famous you can hunt on the Internet for some of his old hand towels and guitar pics.

As far as the work goes this was a really successful week. I don't know if I've talked about Sheena and Katrina yet, but they're two sisters who were a referral from he Spanish Elders and they're way awesome. They have grandparents who were Mormon and they are interested in what they believed. The spirit of Elijah has been working on them hard core, they kept asking about temples and family history throughout the whole lesson and they even asked us to bring the family history coordinator to the next lesson! Like everyone else in Portland they're really liberal but that just makes the lessons more interesting.

We also found a family who moved here from Africa about a year ago (the Kabale family). They are WAY interested and the spirit was really strong during the lessons we've taught them so far. They even made it to the ward Christmas party. As far as Scott Swingle and his family is concerned, we stopped by his house and he said that he was still really interested but he's working a ton during the Christmas season, so they'll keep reading the Book of Mormon and we're going to resume lessons on January 2nd.

Quick thought for this week; seeing as our mission has iPads, we've been encouraged to download the "a savior is born" video and share is as often as possible. Consequently I've probably seen the video around 30 times and sometime in there it really hit me that when we celebrate Christmas we celebrate the greatest gift given from an all-powerful God. We celebrate the birth of our salvation. We celebrate the possibility of an eternal life with all those we love. No wonder we make Christmas such a big deal.

Also a quick S/O to the Cougars about to eat some red meat this weekend!
Happy Holidays!

Elder Thomas

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